Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Flowers and trees

Stems of serenity in a hellish world. Flowers and trees, to bring you back to reality.
To the promise of your lord that will come true.


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

right now im looking out of my windows
the top of the sky is a glowing peach pink
a bird is out alone
but it is free
flying so gracefully
sumersaulghting and gliding
it has worries
but more trust
more trust than most of us humans
that its creator will guide it to its next meal
and guide it safely
guide it back home to its young who all the while it left out in the open
but it had trust in the giver of life
the cherisher
our rabb


simple life
simple pleasures
a moment of peace is all i need
the calm in the eye of the storm
to realize
to solve
the million dollar question
the endless search
its as simple as breathing
breathe in
breathe out
close your eyes
feel your heartbeat
now look around you
everything else is a luxury
you are Alaadin
and this is your cave of wonders


Nomad soul

My eyes are longing for a place I haven't seen
My ears desperate for the sounds
My mouth tingling for the taste
My body is hungry for the air I haven't yet breathed
and my heart is missing a city I am a stranger to

If not in this life I have faith in my lord that in the next, he will allow me to become the greatest explorer that ever lived.


Sunday, 19 June 2016


Today I mourned.
I mourned for friendships and
I mourned for memories and
I mourned for love.
I mourned despite the absence of physical death.
I mourned because things would be different now.


Wednesday, 18 May 2016


What is this body but a shell?
Delicate and disposable
It can be burnt bruised or broken but to me it doesn’t matter
To my sisters living with the scars of the acid the cowards threw at you
They call you disfigured but in my eyes now you are real and whole
The perfect you
Without the shell which could be painted and decorated distracting the world from your true self
Oh my dear sister now you shine through
A dazzling star
Your beauty is raw and undeserving of the people
But I am telling you I see it
And God sees it.
Surgery and suicide
Your scars are your strength
So wear them proudly
Like a solider put on your Armour
Every stretch mark and scratch screams a story that is too loud for the people to hear
Let them cover their ears
But I am listening
And so is God.


Thursday, 7 April 2016

Letting go

Today I am letting you go. Not with my heart but with my hands. For the hands can cause destruction. In the depths of my heart and mind I will bury you. I will bury you in-between the waves of consciousness and unconsciousness. A place where forgetting is as easy as closing your eyes. I will bury you in a box with a lock to which only God holds the key. For if I leave you to flutter around the walls of my fragile heart, it will be fooled into believing it has found its equal.